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Join me on an amazing African, wildlife experience.  We will be staying in a luxury, all inclusive tented camp in the heart of the Masai Mara Reserve.  I will be your host and photographic guide throughout the trip, providing  advice and assistance on creating images.  Our driver / guide is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable and will find us some great wildlife sightings. Complete beginners to more experienced photographers are welcome, the aim of the trip is always to have a wonderful experience with like minded people who have a love of wildlife.  I look forward to sharing my love of Africa and wildlife with you. Please click on the links below for further information.

4 places available

Fully booked

Fully booked

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This was the first Photographic Safari I had been on and I joined it with some trepidation.  I love safaris but had been a very much point and shoot photographer.  With the help of the very knowledgeable Ann and our  driver Mike who positioned our vehicle so  that we had the best view of so many animals, I think I got some of the best photos I have ever taken.  I learned so much from Ann about making the most of my camera and loved every minute.  (The whole experience was great fun including having our sundowners at 4 p.m. in our vehicle when caught in a violent thunderstorm with such torrential rain none of us could see a thing. )

If I had the opportunity to go on another photographic safari with Ann  I would jump at it.  Thank you Ann for all your help and guidance.



January 2024, I went on my 1st (and certainly not last) wildlife photography workshop. What an amazing experience to say the least. The photographer leading the workshop was Ann Aveyard.

What an incredible teacher! Her knowledge of wildlife photography, and photography in general, made the experience even more memorable. She taught me so much in our week together. I really enjoyed her company also, one of the nicest women I've ever met.  Our safari driver/guide, MIKE blew me away. with his knowledge of the Masai Mara and its wildlife, absolutely stunned me! Considering the amount of rain we encountered, and all the stories I heard about other drivers getting stuck, Mike's driving was more than impressive. He knew each animals' territory (where to find them-cheetahs, a leopard named Bahati, the different lion prides, etc) and with no road signs, his knowledge of the landscape and roads (or lack there of) really showed off his level of experience. Any trip to Governor's Camp is memorable, but this experience was more than that. I hope to be fortunate enough to do another workshop with Ann in the future, and dream of one day being as good  a photographer as she is.


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