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My name is Ann and I  am a wildlife photographer based in the UK.

I aim to capture and share the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of the natural world, specifically focusing on animals and their behaviour in their natural habitats.  


Through my photography I hope to foster an appreciation and respect for nature and inspire people to protect and conserve the fragile ecosystems that support these animals. 

Join me on an amazing African, wildlife experience.  We will be staying in a luxury, all inclusive tented camp in the heart of the Masai Mara Reserve.  I will be your host and photographic guide throughout the trip, providing  advice and assistance on creating images.  Our driver / guide is qualified, experienced and knowledgeable and will find us some great wildlife sightings. Complete beginners to more experienced photographers are welcome, the aim of the trip is always to have a wonderful experience with like minded people who have a love of wildlife.  I look forward to sharing my love of Africa and wildlife with you. 

"Hidden behind each wildlife image are those years  of perseverance,

months of travel, days of preparation and hours of patience;

all these to capture the wonders of wildlife within a split second!"


Alvis Lasarus

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